Why Natural Medicine?

Natural medicine is, in many cases, a better alternative to synthetic drugs. Now, there are times when you need modern medicine but the use of pharmaceutical drugs is too high in this country. Why? Because it is profitable. It is hard to make money selling a common weed or herb to treat a medical condition. That fancy new drug though can bring in a fortune for companies.

So, there are many reasons why you should choose natural medicine over the pharmaceutical industr.y. The first is that it is just better for you in most cases. You do not have to worry about dangerous side effects or interactions if you know what you are doing.  With those fancy new drugs, you never really know just what you are going to get. How often do you hear about drugs being pulled from the market do to side effects or drug companies being sued by former patients for bad side effects or even deaths.

Another reason is to stick it to the pharmaceutical industry. Why should they make record profits off of our backs when the drugs we need are actually growing all around us. Why pay $1000 for a bottle of pills when a ten cent herb will do the trick?

Finally, choosing herbal medicine can help lower the cost of health insurance in general. We pay so much for health insurance and much of that is due to the high cost of prescription medicine. This means that when we actually do need a pharmaceutical cure or treatment by a doctor, it costs us a fortune. This is all due to the misuse of pharmaceuticals and the greed of the companies making them.  Rant over. Thanks for listening.

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