Three Easy Herbs To Grow At Home

Not a green thumb? That could easily change with a little practice. Here are three easy herbs that you can start growing at home.

One: Chives

A very easy herb to grow at home as it is tolerant of many different conditions. You can start it from seed but this is very challenging and it is far easier to get an established plant and repot it. You can simply pull out a few bunches with roots from an existing plant or buy a small seedling from a home improvement store. Cutting a bit of the top of the plant will stimulate growth and it only needs a bit of light to prosper.

Two: Parsley

You can use parsley in just about everything. It is an incredibly versatile and useful herb. You can try seeds but that will take 2 to 3 weeks to get started. The easiest way is to buy an established plant locally and then take care of it.  Just like with chives, little light is required for it to grow.

Three: Basil

A cooking favorite. Fresh basil can make a typical dish extraordinary. It is a bit more difficult to grow but is very much in the wheelhouse of a beginner home gardener.

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