Need Money Desperately For Medical Care?

The pharmaceutical industry is a monster money maker.  Billions of dollars a year are earned by mega companies whose main interest is not the consumers health but their bottom line. They can come up with a patented drug and jack up its price and make millions off of the back of needy consumers. If, you are one of the unfortunate Americans without insurance or good insurance, this can  be a problem. It can leave you in a situation where you desperately need money to pay for your expensive pharmaceuticals.  This can put you in debt or put your health at considerable risk.

So, what is the answer?

Need Money NowFirst off , we need to cut off our dependence on pharmaceutical drugs when their may be a natural alternative. I am not saying that the pharmaceutical companies do not make good products but that they are over prescribed. All too often you see these modern miracle cures prescribed for no good reason and often for off label usages. The drug representatives give doctors financial incentives to prescribe drugs to patients that are not even designed to treat their conditions Off label prescriptions give the drug manufacturers another market in which to make money from their product.

But how is the average patient able to combat this abuse of the prescription drug industry? For starters, you should not treat your doctor as a god. They are human just like you and me and are capable of mistakes.  They are also capable of the human sin of greed. Do not be afraid to question your doctors decision or drug recommendation. Ask if there are alternatives and get second opinions when they are available.

For many conditions, treatments are available that will involve natural drugs or herbal remedies. Even a simple search online could produce you with several alternative treatment alternatives. The great thing is that these alternatives are often much cheaper than those pushed by doctors and the pharmaceutical industry.  Herbs are cheap, plentiful and the research has already been done by people int he past, often people hundreds of years in the past.

This is not to say that pharmaceutical drugs do not have value. Many drugs have been created that can do incredible things. They can ease pain, treat cancer and cure a number of different ailments. The problem comes when representatives of drug companies and rug companies themselves seek to increase profits by  forcing off label usage of their products.  This can lead man patients to waste a lot of money on cures which might not be the right ones for them.

In conclusion, always be cautious with what your doctor tells you. Make sure that they are looking out for you and your best interest and not just their own pocketbook. You do not want to end up taking a useless drug so that your doctor gets a free trip to Hawaii from the drug manufactures . There are many incredible and honest drug manufacturers that are making the world a better place but there are just as many dishonest ones that are only interested in their own bottom line.

Look for natural, botanical alternatives whenever possible.

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