5 Herbs You Should Avoid

At Botanicals Nursery, we obviously love our herbs. That is a given, but we also realize that not all herbs are created equal. Some are, in fact, quite dangerous, even deadly.

Take a look at some herbs below that you should probably avoid. This is by no means a comprehensive list and actually just scratches the surface on dangerous herbs. Take a look.

  • Chaparral
    This is a herb that is also called Creosote Bush. It is used to treat skin rashes, to improve weight loss and is even touted as a treatment for cancer. What is can also do is cause severe kidney and liver damage.
  • Germander
    Also known as Viscidum, this herb is used to treat arthritis, gout and is used to promote weight loss. On the downside, it can also cause liver issues and even Hepatitis.
  • Kava
    This one also goes by the name Ava Pepper and it is touted for its benefit of reducing anxiety and helping insomnia. That is great but it can also cause depression and can harm the liver.
  • Hedeoma
    With a few aliases such as Pennyroyal Oil and Mentha Pulegium, this herb is used by some to improve breathing and digestive problems. On the flip side, it can cause nerve damage, cause convulsions and damage the liver and kidneys.
  • Yohimbe
    This is a fairly common herb that can be used to treat low libido and erectile dysfunction. Though used successfully by some, it can cause high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat and of course, can damage the liver and kidneys.

As you can see, herbs giveth and herbs taketh away. You have to be smart when you supplement and you should also seek help from your regular doctor.

Never take an herb to treat a medical condition before consulting a doctor. The results can be disastrous.

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