10 Herbs Used By Native Americans

Native Americans had a spiritual connection with the earth. They used the earth responsibly and took here bounty to make their lives better. One way was with herbal medicine. Take a look at ten of the herbs traditionally used by Native Americans. Blackberry As a tea, blackberry was used to cure diarrhea and mixed with Read More

5 Herbs You Should Avoid

At Botanicals Nursery, we obviously love our herbs. That is a given, but we also realize that not all herbs are created equal. Some are, in fact, quite dangerous, even deadly. Take a look at some herbs below that you should probably avoid. This is by no means a comprehensive list and actually just scratches Read More

Most Common Helpful Herbs

There are many herbs that are beneficial to our health, temperament and well being. For a newcomer, this can be overwhelming. I mean there are literally dozens if not hundreds of herbs that you should become associated with. Here is a list of some of the most common herbs on the market and what they Read More

Three Easy Herbs To Grow At Home

Not a green thumb? That could easily change with a little practice. Here are three easy herbs that you can start growing at home. One: Chives A very easy herb to grow at home as it is tolerant of many different conditions. You can start it from seed but this is very challenging and it Read More

Make Money With Botanicals

Are you big time into botanicals and natural medicine? Would you like to make money from your hobby and actually turn it into a career? There are a number of ways that you can make money both in person and line with your hobby. Here are a few great ideas to get you going on Read More

Mugwort – What Can It Do For Your Skin

Mugwort is a Korean beauty aid that also is known by the name Artemisia Vulgaris. It is a perennial that has been used for centuries but one that you may not be familiar with. As far as health benefits go, this botanical has a number of great ones. First, it is loaded with antioxidants making Read More

Need Money Desperately For Medical Care?

The pharmaceutical industry is a monster money maker.  Billions of dollars a year are earned by mega companies whose main interest is not the consumers health but their bottom line. They can come up with a patented drug and jack up its price and make millions off of the back of needy consumers. If, you Read More

Natural Headache Remedies

Got a headache? Before you reach for the pharmaceutical remedy, why not look for a natural approach. Here are our top suggestions. Water Okay, it is not a botanical solution but water is often the culprit with headaches. Dehydration is a major cause of headaches and a lot of other ailments.  Properly hydrating can eliminate Read More

Why Natural Medicine?

Natural medicine is, in many cases, a better alternative to synthetic drugs. Now, there are times when you need modern medicine but the use of pharmaceutical drugs is too high in this country. Why? Because it is profitable. It is hard to make money selling a common weed or herb to treat a medical condition. Read More

Top Herbs To Grow In Your Garden

Ready to jump right in to medicinal gardening. Here are 7 of the best herbs to get started with. Motherwort This is a very simple herb to grow and it is wonderful for dealing with anxiety problems. It can be added to tea to ease stress and muscle pains. A bitter herb, you will not Read More